Acroyoga: the meditative discipline that helps you reconnect with yourself and those around you

A discipline that involves yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. And if practiced in the midst of nature, it acquires a whole new meaning. Because yoga is not just what you do in the gym twice a week. Yoga is a lifestyle that affects your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, from morning until evening.

Acroyoga is the acrobatic yoga that is done in pairs. This means that in addition to normal meditation, those who practice it have the opportunity to find (or build) a true connection with the other person, hearing him or her communicate through the body. Because in this discipline you tone up, laugh but above all you connect and work on trust. Here, we start together and end together. And no one abandons the other.

There are three indispensable elements in acroyoga: the base, that is, the person who is on the ground, and the flyer, supported by the base that makes the figures with the body. The connection between these two people is fundamental, because the movement of the flyer depends on the base and the hold of the base depends on the ability of the flyer to perceive itself above it. Through the body and the movements the two people listen to each other, feel each other and understand each other’s needs and efforts. Next to them a third figure, the spotter, makes sure that neither of them gets hurt.

Aurora, in art ArcoIris, tells us about this still little known discipline, which helps people to get in touch with themselves, with each other and with the nature that surrounds them, encouraging them to let go of trust in their partner and especially to laugh and play as adults no longer do. And the results can be seen.

The phases of the acroyoga

Acrobatic yoga involves a moment of initial meditation that prepares you for the actual practice, followed by the practice of a series of asanas for both warming up and awareness. The lesson then moves on to the so-called “figures”, acrobatic positions that are practiced in pairs.

There are 3 people involved in the execution:

  • Flyer

A person is suspended in a vacuum

  • Base

One person stands on the ground, his back resting on the floor, and supports the flyer

  • Spotter
  • Usually the teacher, called upon to correct any errors in execution and to guard in case there are problems.

It is clear that a practice of this kind presupposes two fundamental elements: openness towards the other and trust, towards oneself and towards the other person with whom the figures are performed.

Things to know before practicing acroyoga

  • It is not necessary to have a partner to practice acrobatic yoga: in class you will be paired with a practitioner who can always be the same or change with each practice. In this way you will learn to trust others completely, even those you do not know;
  • If you practice acrobatic yoga with your partner, the benefits are also evident at the level of the couple;
  • To practice acroyoga it is good to dress comfortably and with stretch clothing: this is because in this way you can verify in real time the work of the muscles and the teacher can correct any postures that with large clothes may not be visible;
  • The practice of acrobatic yoga requires that you remain barefoot: you can use special socks but never shoes or classic socks, because of the risk of falls;
  • Always rely on a professional teacher and recognized: he / she will be your guide to practice acroyoga properly and for this reason it should not only be prepared but should also inspire confidence. A trial lesson is the best solution to evaluate the structure, the teacher and the type of course.

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