If you’ve recently put on some belly, you’re still in time to lose a few inches too much and don’t disfigure this summer when you wear your swimsuit. What you need is a lot of good will, a lot of determination, a little diet (especially if you attribute your weight gain to an incorrect diet) and of course targeted physical exercises to eliminate the belly.

The best way to intervene on this part of the body and to train in the meantime all the muscles that are involved, ie the abdominals, it is good to follow a real circuit of exercises, divided as follows:

  • Circuit training to eliminate the belly
  • Cardio activity 8 minutes
  • Plank 30 seconds
  • Reverse abdominals: a series of 12-15 repetitions
  • Rotations with stick; a series for 60 seconds
  • Free squat 1 series of 20-25 reps
  • Cardio activity 8 minutes
  • Plank 30 seconds
  • Reverse abdominals: a series of 12-15 repetitions
  • Stick Rotations: A Series for 60 Seconds
  • Free Squat: a series of 20-25 reps
  • Cardio activity 8 minutes

Cardio activity

What is meant by cardio activity? It is the initial phase of training that involves a set of aerobic exercises, carried out with a constant intensity and such as to allow you to prolong the physical effort for several minutes. An example of cardio activity is running on the treadmill, cycling, elliptical or rowing.

The plank

Plank is a multifunctional exercise that not only involves the muscles of the whole body, but also tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles. We talked about it in this article, the plank has now replaced the “old” crunch, because many instructors and personal trainers considered it a little more “at risk of error”, in the sense that, in doing so, it is easy to make those mistakes that bring more damage than benefits.

Reverse abdominals

To do the reverse abdominals you have to lie down on the floor with your back well attached to the mattress, with your hips and knees bent at 90° and your legs parallel. Your hands are on the ground, providing a support point to make it easier for you to exercise.

Now you have to flex your column by pushing your knees upwards (the most demanding version of the exercise) or towards your head (the simplest version of the exercise). Stay in the position for a few seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Then make a series of 12-15 repetitions, remembering to keep your abdomen always inside, especially when you lift your buttocks off the floor. If you notice that when you lower your legs, you tend to arch your back, you go down less with your legs, so as not to load it too much.

Rotations of the torso

For the rotations of the torso you just need the handle of a broom on the shoulders, locked with your arms. Divide your legs to find the best possible balance and start rotating your torso to the right and left for a minute.


And finally the squats, before resuming a few minutes of cardio activity again. Squat is a very effective exercise for toning the buttocks, but it can also be useful to strengthen the abdominals.

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