Yoga with alpacas, that’s how (and why) to relax with them

Since the practice of yoga has become a widespread trend in the West, the strangest types of yoga have multiplied: from acroyoga to goat yoga, that is, yoga with goats, up to beer yoga. The new frontier of wellness could now become yoga with alpacas. You got it right. These stuffed animals could accompany you in your quest for inner peace.

Rosebud Alpacas was one of the first farms in Europe to offer this particular combination. We are in Kings Nympton, a small village in Devon County, Cornwall. The scenery is that of the English countryside. The traffic and chaos of London here is just a distant memory.

Running the Rosebud Ranch is Lucy Aylett, 46, originally from Kent, along with her husband Nick and two volunteers, Steve and Julian. In addition to other animals, they own eleven alpacas, whose fleece is used to make yarn and make handmade products.

“The alpacas are raised according to the criteria of ethical breeding, thus respecting their habits, and are free to graze wherever they want on the estate.

For a few months now, the alpacas on Lucy’s farm have also been free to take part in the yoga lessons that are organised periodically. Or rather, to watch the human participants curious while they are struggling with exercises and positions.

“Alpacas are curious, intelligent and extremely docile animals. They don’t disturb you at all and you can relax with them in peace; on the contrary, they transmit you a positive energy and allow you to relax your nerves and connect with the place. You learn to respect animals and their nature, becoming almost one with the herd. They don’t invade your space, you don’t invade theirs.”

A yoga session, immersed in the greenery of the Rosebud Ranch, in the company of Lucy’s alpacas lasts 90 minutes and costs 30 pounds, or just over 33 euros. At the end, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and some photos with the animals.

“After the yoga class, our clients leave satisfied and more relaxed. We found that alpacas, which have a friendly character, really have a calming effect on people. They are a real panacea for the psyche.”

In addition to yoga classes, Lucy’s farm also organizes walks with alpacas and other events such as mindfulness seminars, reiki and meditation.

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